Antriksh Education Announces 


on the night of GEMENIDS meteor shower

at Sariska Tiger Reserve, RAJASTHAN


Why is GEMENIDS of 2015 special?

For last 2 years gemenids meteor shower was happening on moonlit night which was ruining the whole view of the shower. All the fainter meteors were not visible due to the bright moon light. This year the moon is only 4.6% illuminated and is setting early in the evening giving us a wonderful opportunity to observe the meteors the whole night without any disturbance.

About GEMENIDS Meteor Shower


Comet of Origin: 3200 Phaethon



Peak Activity: Dec. 12-14, 2015



Peak Activity Meteor Count: 120 meteors per hour



Radiant: constellation Gemini



Place to View: Sariska Tiger Reserve



Meteor Velocity: 22 miles (35 kilometers) per second


Events & Activities

Star Trail Photography

Shoot your Selfie / Portraits with Stars


Deep Sky Astrography


Equipments Available at Workshop

Station 1: Star Trail/Time Lapse Photography
DSLR with wide Angle Lens.

Station 2: Shooting Selfies/Portraits with Star
DSLR with different type of lighting equipments.

Station 3: Deep Sky Photography
DSLR cameras on Vixen Polarie Mount.

Station 4: 8 inch Ritchey Chretein Astrograph
8′ inch RC Telescope on German equatorial mount with Nikon D800(full body frame).

Location: Sariska Tiger Reserve


Indian National Park & Wildlife Refuge



Located in Alwar District of Rajasthan



Topography - Scrub thorn arid forests, rocky landscapes, dry deciduous forests, rocks, grasses and hilly cliffs


Sariska Palace, The Heritage Property


Stay in Heritage Property



Rooms available for Single, Double or Triple ocupancy



With far from citylights, its a heaven for meteor watchers


Book your Seats

Individuals - Dec 13-14, 2015 ( 2 Nights )

If you want to keen on watching Gemenids Meteor shower and also looking to spend a weekend away from citylife and want to experience peace while closer to nature in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary staying in Heritage Property, then call us at +91 – 9810180508, 8745011502, 011-41073002 for more information

Corporates - Dec 7-17, 2015 (Choose any date)

If you are group of colleagues or friends and want to spend some quality time with each other at a heritage property in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, a place away from citylife, peaceful and closer to nature, and have interest to watch Gemenids Meteor shower, then call us at +91 – 9810180508, 8745011502, 011-41073002 for more information

Schools - Dec 7-17, 2015 (Choose any date)

Schools get ready to impart lifetime experience to your start of watching Gemenids Meteor shower, and also spend a quality time away from citylife and experience peace while staying closer to nature in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary staying in Heritage Property, Call us at +91 – 9810180508, 8745011502, 011-41073002 to know more about the event.

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